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Chocolat Chat Noir

Gourmet Chocolate

Lucienne’s chocolate creations are carefully tempered and molded to bring out the best qualities of this ancient and time honored substance.

Our artisan chocolate is processed in small batches, working from beans straight from South American plantations. Slowly conched, at low temperature to keep maintain the natural flavor and preserve the natural nutrients and antioxidants. Our solid chocolates are made from 70% Dark Chocolate or with our special "Dark Milk" chocolate, with the creamy smoothness of milk chocolate but with a darker chocolate taste.

Our Chocolate Covered Nut Praline clusters are are made with our own caramel and covered with 70% Dark Chocolate.

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Nutrition Keys:
Nut Free:Nut Free Dairy Free:Dairy Free Gluten Free:Gluten Free Vegan:Vegan Low Glycemic Index:Low Glycemic Index Sugar Free:Sugar Free