Sustainable Cocoa Production

Lucienne's is proud to use sustainable cocoa in our chocolates.

Conservation, Biodiversity and Sustainability

From the beginning, Lucienne’s has emphasized ecologically friendly practices in our business. This includes using recycled paper for our product packaging and compostable materials, It also means purchasing chocolate from suppliers who use fair and sustainable business and farming practices. This has led us to a commitment to use cocoa products that are grown on small, South American plantations following farming practices that insure the sustained ecology of the rainforests. Our beans come to us directly from the plantations, not through brokers and distributors, to insure a livable and fair wage to the farmers.

Our chocolate is processed in the country of origin, further benefiting the workers in the source country. Final processing of the chocolate is completed by our direct supplier. Lucienne’s then blends the chocolates to create our own unique taste.

Recognized by Sustainable Tompkins

Lucienne's was recognized by Sustainable Tompkins in their Signs of Sustainability 2011 for our use of 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa to produce local, sustainably-produced gourmet chocolate bars.